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5 January 2011
The looming UFO cold war, video
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
Recently All News Web received information suggesting that President Barack Obama is on the cusp of making an impromptu statement confirming UFO visitation and US contact with alien races.
Our article has been picked up by China's national media including the Government's mouthpiece, Xinhua.
Prime time TV news broadcasts announcing the upcoming US UFO admission and discussing All News Web's piece have been beamed to the living rooms of hundreds of millions of intrigued Chinese citizens.
Commentators and analysts now believe a new cold war over alien and UFO secrets is underway between the two superpowers.
The historic decision to broadcast this news (see video below)  is seen as stemming from fears that the US might steal China's glory and admit an alien presence on Earth before Beijing does.
In fact, neither side particularly wants to admit to the public that they are in contact with aliens, however at the same time, they do not want the other side to do so first. In other words, if there is UFO admission both nations want it to be their moment of glory.
The recent news broadcasts are probably a way for progressive elements within the Communist party to nudge the notoriously cautious President Hu Jintao by bringing to his attention the possibility that America might steal his moment and come clean.
In an era where both superpowers possess enormous nuclear arsenals it is essential that the race to UFO disclosure does not heat up into fully blown conflict, or else alien observers themselves might be forced to intervene.