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15 February  2011
 Jerusalem UFO baffles even skeptics as new details emerge
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
It has now been over two weeks since I broke the story and spoke key witnesses regarding the Jerusalem UFO that hovered over the Dome of The Rock/Temple Mount before shooting up and away.
Since then, die hard skeptics have made genuine attempts to "debunk" the sighting; to no avail.
None of the "debunkers" have been able to recreate the stunning fourth video despite having two weeks to do so. As I explain in the interview below: even assuming the fourth video was a hoax, the "hoaxers"-who hardly come across as life long UFO enthusiasts-had a day or so to create it!
Skeptics have been forced to rely on flimsy arguments in their attempts to discredit the event. They point to "mirrored" images at the edge of the first video: yet ignore the hundreds of forums by owners of digital video recorders that discuss the problem of mirrored images cropping up on their clips. That's right, many digital cameras are manufactured with software that includes the mirroring effect to counteract motion blur. Skeptical? google the topic.
The debunkers talk of the fourth video showing evidence of both interlaced and progressive scanning (hinting at the video being CGI), they base this on the blurred image of the UFO shooting upwards: as if they could know what a UFO on a skyward trajectory should look like.
Meanwhile none of the witnesses are talking at all, to anyone. This seems more indicative of a cover-up than a hoax. The fourth video was filmed by a group of Israeli teens Yuli Cohen, Michael Naumkoff and Dor Tibi. Even the vaguest mention of the UFO event is eerily absent from all their facebook pages.
Why? Do teen hoaxers really behave this way?
The videotographer of first piece of footage (Eligael Gedalyovich) has not even bothered to remove rather graphic messages accusing him of being a hoaxer from his Youtube Channel: Very odd for a "Hoaxer".

Debunkers are also clinging to the untruth that there have been no additional witnesses beyond the videotographers. At least three other witnesses have come forward and their testimonies appear pretty credible. An orthodox Jew has posted on an Israeli forum that he and four other friends saw the red lights in the sky but not the desending UFO: That sounds about right for the vast majority of possible locations in Jerusalem where the Dome or the glowing UFO would certainly not have been visible. Interestingly, a Palestinian woman paying respects at the Al-Aqsa Mosque (at the Dome of the Rock) has claimed she saw a glowing orb floating above the Mosque months before the event and even asked the Mosque's Grand Imam about it.
When I last spoke to Eligael Gedalyovich he seemed concerned, he talked about the shooting down of a UFO six weeks earlier over an Israeli military installation. He wondered if those covering up alien events would object to him releasing the footage. It seems they might have.
Am I saying the event was definitely real and involved aliens? No. it could have been real and it definitely has not been debunked to date. 
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