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8 March 2011
Witness video of M6 UFO or Paranormal crash surfaces?
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
A little over a year ago UFO, paranormal and conspiracy forums across the Internet were abuzz with an account of what was referred to at the time as the "M6 UFO / Paranormal Crash".
The event took place on the M6 Motorway near the city of Birmingham in the UK. Allegedly there was a seventeen car pile-up and some very mysterious circumstances surrounding the crash.
Firstly, the first three cars in the pile-up were without drivers or any trace of human remains.
Furthermore, CCTV film purportedly showed a streak of light cross the highway just prior to the event and a light flash in the sky. it was claimed that two mysterious bodies appeared on the ground just after the crash. An alleged police cover-up of the event, allusions to UFOs and aliens and an almost identical crash in Paris at the same time added to the mystery.
Now Allnewsweb has received the video below and the anonymous sender claims it is a film he took of the crash as he passed it in a car with friends. We have no way of verifying the below footage and some have even claimed the entire event was a hoax perpetrated to promote a book (but then some said that of the Jerusalem UFO and I know that to be not the case).
One can indeed see a streak of fire across the road and two rather eerie looking "humans", one lying on the floor near a car, in the video. What do you think?
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