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15 March 2011
UFO filmed near active volcano in Japan after tsunami
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
The destruction and loss of life that has occurred in Japan over the last few days has shocked people across the globe, many being forced to re-evaluate their very belief systems. UFO activity preceding the tragedy was intense and inarguable and UFOs continue to be both sighted and recorded in the aftermath of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.
The connection between UFOs and earthquake activity has been noted for decades now. Researchers such as Professor Michael Persinger and author Pat Regan have written and lectured on the topic extensively.
Now as the threat of increased volcanic activity looms over Japan, one or possibly two UFOs have been seen and filmed near the active Sukurajima Volcano on Kyushu Island (see video below). This area has not been affected by the recent events.
One orb type UFO, seen in the above left hand corner of the video below, has been compared to the UFO seen recently over Jerusalem. Another possible UFO is seen emerging from the volcano. Some have claimed that this is just debris.
It is not known precisely why alien activity and UFO sightings increase before and during such events. Some researchers have suggested aliens arrive at such moments to warn humanity of impending disaster. Others have suggested aliens actually intervene to lessen the extent of damage during such catastrophes.
Interestingly, a number of crop circle researchers made serious efforts over the last year to warn of a serious nuclear disaster set to occur in mid March 2011 (such an event seems to have occurred with the damage and potential meltdown of nuclear power plants in Japan due to the earthquake). These warnings were based on interpretations of these alleged alien messages found primarily in grain fields. The scientific community chose to ignore these warnings, regarding crop circle research as pseudoscience.
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