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3 April 2011
UFO sightings across Italy foretell impending doom?

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

Unprecedented UFO activity preceding the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravished large swathes of Japan's coast and left thousands dead and many more homeless was well documented.
Many UFO researchers and scientists have proven a definite link between such natural disasters and UFO sightings.
Another country which has experienced unprecedented UFO activity in the last few months is Italy. In recent weeks UFOs have been seen and filmed from Naples to Abruzzo and Tarantino to Rome. The UFO footage below comes from the outskirts of Rome and was filmed around a week ago.
Italian UFO researchers are unsure of the reasons behind this recent and unrelenting UFO flap, however many are well aware that such activity often foretells of some cataclysmic natural disaster and might be ET's way of warning us of impending doom.
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