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      2 May 2011
UFO disclosure: NSA declassifies paper admitting alien contact
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
A remarkable document has been released onto the Internet by the NSA Government agency. The document admits that the US government has acknowledged that aliens are communicating via signals with humanity and that government scientists are working on deciphering the meaning of these messages with limited success.
It appears that the release of these documents is a prelude to outright disclosure of UFO reality. Interestingly this particular publication (and writer) made claims backed up by the over two years ago and was by and large laughed at.
In 2009 I wrote: “ 'Tina' claimed to have spent some time working within the Pentagon's DARPA agency rewriting and relaying messages regarding possible first contact with an alien race in the year 2013. This alien race is believed to be planning an open daylight landing of a UFO on Planet Earth."
"As information was very compartmentalised within the environment that 'Tina' worked in her knowledge of details was sketchy.
My own research has led me to believe that contrary some of the information contained in Tina's emails, contact with aliens is not a two-way affair and does not involve unequivocal and unambiguous messages. Rather, DARPA has interpreted somewhat cryptic signals received by UFO probes as indicating an intention to initiate open contact in the year 2013”
I also wrote “ The messages are a complex series of pulses that seem to be an attempt to use basic numeric and linguistic principles that might be deciphered by any intelligent technological civilization."
"Enormous effort has been made to decipher these UFO messages with some apparent success. In the US much of this effort centres around NASA's Ames Research division. All concepts and ideas deciphered are to some degree speculative but many researchers are in agreement of the basics.”
Of interest is the nonchalant tone of the document implying the governments utter awareness of UFO and alien visitation.
It appears we are about to meet are galactic brethren: Are you ready?
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