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      7 September 2011
UFO filmed shooting out smaller orbs above Japan
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
UFO activity above Japan reached its highest levels ever during the recent devastating earthquake and the series of tsunamis that followed. Various kinds of UFOs, most believed to be unmanned craft being used by a number of alien races to monitor mankind were both seen and filmed. Some of these UFOs were of the classical disc-shape while others were orb-type UFOs.
Since these devastating events it appears that UFO activity in the skies above Japan might have slowed down but has not ceased completely. The UFO footage below was taken in an unknown location in Japan by a witness who has seemingly chosen to remain anonymous. The footage shows an orb UFO shooting out smaller orbs. Some researchers have suggested that such UFOs are actually trying to send some form of communication to Earthlings. It is unknown if indeed world governments have succeeded in deciphering such messages.
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