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30 March 2012
Grounded UFO or alien base filmed in Russia?
Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
A curious piece of footage from Russia has come to light that shows what some are suggesting might be a grounded UFO or even an alien base (see video below). The clip was believed to have been taken in a remote spot in Siberia, however the exact location where the film was taken has not been confirmed. The object appears to be a perfectly round sphere. Some have suggested it is made of translucent material while others believe it is constructed of metal. Observers are divided as to the nature of the object with skeptics claiming it might be an industrial storage unit or even a dome-shaped house. Others observers believe that the object might be connected to the constant and well-documented alien activity that Siberia is noted for, suggesting that this might be a close-up image of the often seen orb-shaped UFOs. Rumors of dome-shaped UFO and alien bases in Siberia have persisted for decades and high-ranking military personnel have confirmed the existence of these. Recently an expedition was organized to locate these bases. Could this be one of them?